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Lion King Monthly Event.

Updated: Sep 15, 2021


Any players hunt treasure box in LION KING may win extra cash reward, Prize up to MYR 68,000.00


Each month program period, Top Ten highest prizes in a single game in any Lion King games (Excluding Jackpot) will be entitled to join Championship List by the system.

Total rewards up to RM 180,888.00

1ST- RM 88,888.00

2ND- RM 30,000.00

3RD- RM 20,000.00

4TH- RM 10,000.00

5TH- RM 5,000.00

6TH- RM 5,000.00

7TH- RM 5,000.00

8TH- RM 3,000.00

9TH- RM 3,000.00

10TH TO 20TH- RM 1,000.00

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