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Click here if you already have a Winbox account.

Winbox88 Register Model


Wi888ox referral qr code to scan and register Winbox

Scan this QR code

If it is manual, please enter the following code


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STEP 1: Download “WINBOX” App

Download WINBOX Apk thru

Once you have done the installation of “WINBOX” on your phone, you need to register and sign up your own WINBOX account

Click “New User Registration” button, scan the recommender QR code above or scan upload the QR code directly from saved photo album.

If you do not have any referrer, please click “Register as a Visitor” button to register your account.

STEP 2: Create your own WINBOX UID

USER ID (UID) is the account username for login into APP WINBOX;

When entering the registration page, you need to create a new login ID and required to set a password

The first character must start with a letter (a-z) and the length required at least 6 and maximum 15 characters. (For eg: abcd88 or abc1d23)

Password need to be at least 6 digits, Can either all in numbers or letters mix with numbers. (For eg: 123488 or abc123)

STEP 3: Binding your phone number and email address

Once you completed setting your own UID and Password.

  1. Click “Next” to enter the binding page

  2. Fill up with your mobile phone number or email address in order to receive the verification code

  3. Once you completed all the above steps, CONGRATULATIONS you now have your own WINBOX Account.

Download Winbox APK | Mobile Login | Winbox88

A quick start with Winbox Official:

Winbox Download APK | Register Winbox | Winbox Mobile Login

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