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【Lu Scan Lu Kaya! 】
A new opportunity for you to become a rich Malaysian!

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Recently, many netizens said that they received a free "Da Bogong 4D Book" at home with the words: 【Lu Scan Lu Kaya】 title. So what is the content of this book? Is it really the latest scam as mentioned by netizens?

The answer is: "No."

Although there has been a frenzy of fraud in Malaysia recently, after some residents scanned the QR code above the book, they found that it was just a promotional method of Winbox Casino Malaysia. One of the resident said: "After scanning Winbox QR Code, I followed the process to register an account, and I found that there are many games in it, but I only play lottery tickets. In Ekor, I just bet less than RM20. Although I didn’t win the lottery that night, the odds of Winbox Ekor Lottery are the highest in Malaysia, which makes me a lot of interest."

Yes, that’s right, in order to give back to the general public, Winbox has launched this [Da Bogong 4D Picture], which has a complete picture and text analysis, so that users don’t have to go over the mountains to find the 4D words they want, just follow the catalog of books to search That's it. Learn more about Winbox.

To put it simply, 【Da Bogong 4D Book】 is just an auxiliary product, not a fraudulent method. Winbox company emphasizes credibility and brings the most comfortable user experience to each player.

Lu Scan Lu Kaya, scan the QR code, register an account, you have a chance to win the prize on Winbox Live!

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